Beck Feiner is an illustrator, designer and author living in Redfern, Sydney. Her illustrations, stories and 'memes' shine a spotlight on social issues and tap into a the mood of the time and promote harmony and diversity. Beck's creative style has evolved from her years working as a graphic designer and art director in the advertising industry in Sydney and overseas. She left the world of advertising to produce her two most rewarding creations: Levi and Esme.

Her first book, 'Aussie Legends Alphabet,' was conceived when teaching her kids the alphabet but discovering a lack of engaging materials. In this bold and vibrant illustrated alphabet, each letter is creatively morphed into a prominent, iconic Aussie. The intention is to help young Australians understand the very diverse/multicultural mix of people who make our nation an incredible country.

'Aussie Legends Alphabet' has gone on to receive nation-wide recognition and earned Beck an ongoing publishing deal with Harper Collins.

She has since published 3 more books with her husband Robin Feiner.Their second book, 'If I was Prime minister,' focuses on what kids might do if they were given the keys to the Lodge.

Their latest book 'The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour' is about climate change and the power kids have to change the world for the better. 

Beck hopes to have a long career creating books and illustrations that everyone love.
For any enquiries please email or call +61 4069 42087
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